Direct from London to Seville

Maxime and Catherine  are both  living in London but she is original from Irland and Maxime Is from Belgium. They had really folling in love with Sevilla and found it a perfect connection place to unit the two families for different countries. The canted a Religious Catholic Church wedding and offered them the most beautiful church in Seville and the wedding dinner and Party was  organized in one of Sevilles most luxury hotel in the very down town.

Catherine and Maxime  Wedding Preparations  in Seville

Upon their visit in Seville  it was great to meet Catherine’s family and Maxime, it is always so good to finally meet the bride and groom after som many talked and email and we can sit down and  deepen into the details  for the wedding, style and  decoration.

The church was even much nicer in real than in the pictures  they thought, and we  arranged a meeting with our international English speaking priest and the  church organist. Catherine’s mother is a pianist and she was happy to try the organ in the church. The style and wedding  theme was seen with our florist where Catherine choose , peach, off white with green elements.  We arranged  a successful  meeting with the hotel  where they decided and delicious wedding menu. We also arranged a makeup and hair tail with our professional stylist and  Catherine was so satified that also her mother desided to use the same stylist. Of course we took care of all paperwork with the cathedral and Archbishopric requiered for a Catholic church wedding.


The Big Wedding Day   – Ceremony

The big wedding day  arrived  on a warm day in Septemer. The professional fotographers  Muse & Mirror @muse.and.mirror took memorable photos of both the groom and bride with all theis preparations before the ceremony. Our Make up and stylist came to the hotel in the morning in good time  for all the preparations. They were amused by the stunning catholic  church and on the big wedding day it was all set with beautiful flower decoration in the church.  A professional opera singer sang classical wedding songs and a tipical Irish song.  Our International  Priest is also from Ireland and he got really familier with  Catherine’s family and the groom.


The Wedding  Party

The Luxury hotell welcomed all the guests in the  beautiful garden, with a lovely wedding cocktail while  Maxime and Catherine were taking their wedding photos. To entertain during the cocktail and for the rest of the evening a saxophonist was hired playing jazzy  and modern Jazz music. The dinner was  served in Royal dining room with elegant classical style from the  1929  Iber American Exhibition.  And finally this  amazing wedding day  was finalized with a stunning disco through late hours.


See the Stunning Video from the Wedding

Made by: Muse & Mirror from Germany  @muse.and.mirror