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Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony. The most romantic and elegant celebration.

Bespoke Weddings & Ceremonies



Every bride and groom wants an incomparable wedding combined with fantasy and style. We create stunning, one-of-a-kind ceremonies produced and styled to perfection. From Traditional to modern, elegant to relaxed, our focus is on the exquisite execution of any event we plan.

Make yourself be inspired by the different  ceremony proposals  you can  find here. These are suggestions  of different  wedding  ceremonies  we can host,   we want to hear from you about how you want to organize  your  marriage rituals  on your perfect wedding day.


Do not hesitate  contacting us if you still want more wedding entertainment option   and we send you more suggestions.

Catholic Ceremony


If your wedding is going to be in a Church in the Malaga province of Spain, We  can assist with all the paperwork and take the hassle out of booking a Church wedding in Spain. We offer competitive rates and have professional translators available to assist with the process.

Humanist Wedding


Non-binding wedding ceremonies often referred to as a wedding blessing, use a humanist celebrant, or wedding minister to conduct a personalised ceremony. The couple is still required to complete a marriage registry service in their home country to legally validate the marriage!

Wedding Celebrant


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Ceremony Set-up


The wedding ceremony, or blessing service could be considered the most important part of your wedding day, after all, it’s where you will make your vows together, in front of your closest friends and family! It is also where you will have the opportunity to be seen in your wedding attire for the first time and can make for some of the best photographs of the day! So, you will want to make sure that your wedding ceremony is presented in the most amazing way, that includes the overall design, aisle decoration and flowers, be it in a sun kissed garden, by the beach, or in a stunning church!

Scandinavian Sjømannskirke wedding


If you are a Scandinavian  protestant and  your dream is a Destination church wedding in Spain, we can  help you make your dream v¡come through.  The Norwegian and Swedish Sjømannskirkene offer weddings at their churches in Malaga and Alicante and other places in Spain.  We can help you with all the arrangements and prepare the most stunning for you. Do you want to know more about Scandinavian wedding  reach out to us and we can help you.

Your religion and culture


We cater for a wide range of couples, with a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and faiths.  If you would like to host your wedding in Spain and would like a ceremony conducted in accordance with your own beliefs, we will always do our best to help. We have assisted with many weddings for Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Christian couples, from all over the world. Weddings are our business and we would be delighted to help you enjoy a unique, bespoke wedding here on Spain’s Costa del Sol.  Our caterers and many of our venues will also be able to cater for your food requirements, in accordance with your religion, or simply to your taste!

Wedding Ceremonies


Your Wedding Ceremony

The Ceremony is your choice and we are here to make your ceremony to a memorable moment and part of your perfect wedding day.
We can help! We have all the tools to fullfill your dreams.
Beautiful wedding ceremony Seville


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