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Wedding  Venues 

Best Wedding venues in Seville and surroundings. Choose from elegant and unique wedding venues.

To choose a venue is probably the most important step in the wedding preparation. And therefore a thoughtful decision to make. It has to match with your theme ideas and also the atmosphere you want to create.

Like all in Seville, also the Wedding Venues are indescribable.

The variety of stunning, romantic and luxury venues in Seville  are endless and for all wishes and ambiances.

The best is to see them for yourself before you make a decision  but before you  maybe have the oppertunity to go to Seville we have made a selection of the most awson Wedding venues in and around Seville.   You find no better. Traditional, classical and elegant venues for your every special wedding.

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Cortijo Wedding Seville

Cortijo Wedding   Cortijo Wedding Seville, Stunning wedding venues with fairytail gardens. General Information This  Hotel - Cortijo is the only Cortijo  that is a National Monument in all of Spain [...]

Fairy tail Wedding Seville

Fairytail Wedding The most historical and aristocrate Palace in Seville. A palace with history and elegant details. General Information Since 1925, year when its construction ended, This palace is considered [...]

Terrace Party Seville

 River  Terrace    River brise terrace Vibes in Seville. Wonderful ambience. General Information Next to the Triana Bridge and on the banks of the Guadalquivir river, two of the most [...]

Hacienda Wedding Seville XI

Hacienda  Wedding  XI Authentic Hacienda with Charm and history. General Information This Hacienda  was built more than 400 years ago, and even today it preserves the magic and charm of [...]

Golf Wedding Seville

Golf   Wedding    Stunning Golf course with perfect wedding facilities for an stylish outdoor wedding. General Information This Golf Club is one of Seville's most prestigious  golf courses. We propose [...]

Seville Terrace Party

 River  Terrace    River view terrace with Chill out vibes. General Information This terrace by the river Guadnalquivir located in the historical street of Calle Betis, has many stories to [...]

Sky Line Wedding Seville

Skyline   Wedding    Incredible Skyline wedding with Seville sky view back ground, General Information Would you like to get married under the sky of Seville? Can you imagine celebrating your [...]

Country hotel wedding seville

 Country Hotel  Wedding   Countryside hotel with magic. Rural at its excelency. General Information This hotel is located  in Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville) it is a a magical hotel  surrounded  by [...]

Luxury Hotel Wedding

Luxury Hotel  Wedding   The Luxury and style goes first. Feel the Seville atmosphere. General Information This amazing Luxury hotel offers you a magnificent environment with a very careful and sumptuous [...]

Hacienda Wedding Seville X

Hacienda  Wedding  X Authentic Horse breeding Hacienda with accommodation. Rural at its excelency. General Information This Typical hacienda  is an olive farm dedicated to great celebrations. Retaining all the ancient [...]

Hacienda Wedding Seville IX

Hacienda  Wedding  IX Authentic Andalucia hacienda with rustic twist and charm. General Information This Hacienda has a mill from the 14th century and is the ideal setting for a amazing  [...]

Hacienda Wedding Seville VIII

Hacienda  Wedding  VIII Authentic Hacienda hotel with charm and style. General Information This hacienda  is a majestic traditional Andalusian style agricultural building dating from the 17th century and dominates an [...]

Hacienda Wedding Seville VII

Hacienda  Wedding  VII Hacienda with 18th century history as an olive farm. Elegant and charm. General Information This Hacienda  is a perfect solution for those newlyweds who are looking for [...]

Hacienda Wedding Seville VI

Hacienda  Wedding  VI Beautiful Classic Sevillan Olive farm Hacienda from the 17th century. General Information This Hacienda is a classic 17th century Seville olive oil Hacienda. It is here among [...]

Hacienda Wedding Seville XII

Hacienda  Wedding  XII Stunning Convent from XVI century. Authentic historical Hacienda with charm. General Information It is an authentic hacienda from the 16th century adapted to the celebration of events, [...]

Hacienda Wedding Seville V

Hacienda  Wedding  V Sophisticated Hacienda with personality, character and Mourish vibes. General Information The Hacienda, which takes its name from the nearby and imposing Franciscan convent, whose first vestiges date [...]

Hacienda Wedding Seville IV

Hacienda  Wedding  IV  Hacienda with its own bullring, for wedding with style and elegancy. General Information Hacienda El Vizir is a spectacular building with a typical Andalusian style with Arab [...]

Hacienda Wedding Seville III

Hacienda  Wedding  III  Hacienda with Andalucian flavours. General Information This 17th century hacienda has become a Tourist and Cultural Heritage of Andalusia, due to the beauty of its architecture and [...]

Hacienda Wedding Seville II

Hacienda  Wedding  II  Authentic Horse breeding Hacienda with accommodation. Rural at its excelency. General Information Hacienda San Felipe is a magnificent traditional Andalusian style estate that offers its unbeatable facilities [...]

Palace wedding Seville II

Palace   Wedding  II  The must stunning Palace venue in Seville. A touch of Luxury. General Information This unique stunning Palace is an exclusive and ideal space to celebrate that long-awaited [...]

Hacienda Wedding Seville I

Hacienda  Wedding  I  Charming Hacienda with accommodation. Feel the unique rural Seville. General Information This Hacienda Venue  was built almost four centuries ago as a convent. Currently, it preserves the [...]

Seville Terrace Wedding Party

 Roof Top Terrace I   Roof top terrace in Seville. Charm and Rustic side by side. General Information This Terrace was  the first Seville rooftop bar, and probably also the one [...]

Castle Wedding Seville

Castle  Wedding    The most historical and aristocrate Palace in Seville. A palace with history and elegant details. General Information This Amazing Castle is a wonderful 14th century original castle [...]

Seville Palace Wedding

Palace Wedding  II  The most historical and aristocrate Palace in Seville. A palace with history and elegant details. General Information Casa Pilatos was the residence of the Dukes of Medinaceli, [...]

Palace Wedding Seville-I

Palace Wedding  I  Stunning Palace Wedding. In a wonderful location in Seville Down Town General Information Considered a jewel for being one of the most important palace houses of the [...]

Bodega Wedding Venue Seville

BodegaWedding  Seville  Fantastic Bodega Wedding. In a Charming 7th generation Working Bodega. Information about Bodegas Gongora This Bodega  not fare from Seville city center, opens their facilities for you to [...]

Bodega Wedding Seville

BodegaWedding  Jerez  Fantastic Bodega Wedding. In a Charming Working Bodega. General Information Located in the best wine area of ​​Jerez Superior and with the best views of the famous Pago [...]


Your Wedding Venue

The Wedding venue election stands out as the most important decision head of your wedding, it is what identifies you as a couple and is the fram for the wedding day. The options are endless and sometimes overwhelming. We can help! We have all the tools to help you find that perfect breathtaking options.
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