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 Wedding Catering

Luxury Wedding Catering. Only the best is good enough for you.

The Wedding Catering. We  work together with some amazing private catering services who can provide a complete wedding dining experience, in any type of venue. Ideal solutions for your wedding menu, pre or post wedding party, or any special occasion. Choose from a range of mouth watering menus, freshly prepared for yourselves and your guests. Our highly recommended catering and food providers are fully licensed, hygiene certified and insured for your total confidence, we would not have it any other way!   All our catering partners provide exclusive deals for our wedding clients, they can cook for you in a wide range of styles and international flavors and they fully understand how to cater for special dietary requirements. They are highly experienced and able to cater for Weddings in a wide range of venues, from the smallest and most exclusive wedding to the  largest gatherings.

Do not hesitate  to get in touch  if you want more  information about our wedding catering options   and we come back to you with more suggestions.

BBQ wedding buffet


A BBQ buffet dinner is for those wanting a different approach for your  wedding dinner, this concept will offer an informal wedding reception  and will make everybody feel amazing. With our different wedding Caterer can we prepare packages  designed to give you an example of what we offer, but  we do though on regular occasions work  closely with you to design a menu that meets your requirements and help make your day special.

Luxury Wedding Catering


The key to an excellent Luxury Wedding catering is no rules, creative menus filled with personality and something more sophisticated to fit your style. Our Luxury Caterer offer first class catering services, have a flawless reputation, specialising in weddings , they provide exquisit menu’s, mouth-watering flavours and excellent presentation using  ethically sourced ingredients to create a unique and dynamic meal for you and your guests.  Choosing an Elegant Luxury palace, stunning castle or a 5* luxury venue makes the perfect frame for fabulous   luxury wedding.

Food truck catering at wedding receptions have become a major trend in the last few years, and it’s only expected to grow in popularity. Why? The answer is simple: You offer the  guests with a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Food trucks can serve anything and everything, from favorite Hawaiian foods and awesome grilled cheese concoctions to tacos and sweet treats. The possibilities are endless — which is great because guests are increasingly food savvy and want to be wow.

Wedding Cocktail Dinner


Cocktail wedding reception is an alternative to the traditional seated affair. It usually consists of waitstaff intermittently offering assorted finger-food throughout the night. Guests’ stomachs will be filled without them even realising it!  This created a great atmosphere with a mixture of high top tables, round tables, and cool seating areas. No need for seating chart, this way  people are   free to mix and mingle as they wish  at a normal cocktail hour all night.

Themed buffet


A buffet can be as casual or as high-standard  as you wish for.  Any buffet you choose can we styled  tastefully and elegantly. The themed buffets are a great idea to emerge the decoration  and wedding theme into the food service.  We suggest  a wide selection  and options for successful themed buffet during the cocktail and ongoing the evening. A delicious  fresh fruit & cheese buffet, exciting live cooking mini burger buffet, a tasteful sushi buffet. If you want to tell us about your favorite themed buffet get in touch with us.

VIP Open Bar


The wedding reception is almost over and the Party can finally  start. A Open bar for a wedding can be  as simple as beer and wine and be as complicated as specialty crafted cocktails. The decision is ultimately up to the bride and groom,  but generally, a fair selection of beer, wine, and liquor to accommodate all taste buds and drinking preferences. Normally it  opens directly after dinner and the dance starts. Get in touch with us if you want to know the different open bar options.

Ham Cutter


Properly  ham slicing  can turn a normal tasting of ham into something truly extraordinary, the flavors and aromas of the ham being enhanced through proper cutting of the  pig leg.  A true ham cutter is a real Ad on to a Destination Wedding in Seville.  The art and  style of a professional ham cutter is outstanding. But the most stunning element is the tasting and the flavor of a real Serrano acorn fed ham.

Mojito Bar


Mojito bar. Mojito bars are fun and attractive  for wedding parties.  The Mojito bars allow your guests to personalize their cocktail by adding extra flavors and fun garnishes.  Plus, mojito bars take pressure off you, so you can relax without worrying about keeping glasses full. This is  maybe more attractive  in a warm  summer wedding with this classic summertime cocktail made with fresh mint, sugar, lime, rum and topped with soda water. But of course it freshen up a winter wedding and in the end it is  perfect for any  time of the year offering a thousands of variations including the addition of berries, herbs, fruit, and dark rum to make this refreshing drink a fun signature beverages for weddings and parties.

Wedding Venues


A venue that you identify with 100 %  is the perfect setting  and what all we wedding planner are  searching for. The combination between the catering and the venues  is important  that  the wedding vibs are the same. Many  of your professional Catering companies have their own stunning venues  and on the other side many of the beautiful venues, palaces  or haciendas only work with one catering company. Get in Touch with us if you want to find the perfect  catering  venue vibs  for your wedding.

Table Style


The latest years  the importance that has been given to the  table style and table decoration in the weddings is incredible  and understandable. It  is the place where the guest spends more time and therefore they pay more attention to details. In addition, decorating of the  tables allows you to bring out your creativity and play with the different elements: tablecloths, chairs, flowers,…… as well as decorative styles to “project a pleasant atmosphere for the guests.” Get in touch with us if you want to know more about our creativity for table styles and decoration.

Night Snack


After spending hours tearing up the dance floor, there’s nothing that will make your guests happier than chowing down on a delicious late-night snack.

The DJ is still spinning your favorite hits and your guests are still rocking out with you on the dance floor—but there’s just one more thing the night needs to end perfectly: late-night wedding snacks.

Your guests have gotten themselves a great workout on the dance floor, and that means they’ve burned off a lot of the calories they ate earlier. Why not treat them to some late-night fuel them for that final stretch of the night?

Get in touch with us if you want to offer one a delicious  savory bites or sweet delights as a lat night snack.

Vegitarian Food


It’s quite well accepted these days that a plant-based diet is much kinder to the environment, helping to cut carbon emissions while also helping to put an end to the unethical modern farming methods for mass meat production! Considering an all-vegan, or vegetarian wedding menu, for all your guests, can be a fantastic way to play your part while showing those die-hard meat eaters how good plant-based food can really be!


Your Catering Company

The Catering Companies include many different services, decoration and styles. Choosing the right Wedding Catering for your wedding can really make the difference on the Wedding day. We can guide you on the way to take the right decisions. We have all the tools to help you find that perfect catering option.


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